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Lice Treating Device (LTC)
The LTC device eradicate lice and lice eggs. It functions by releasing an anti lice drug within controlled environment, enabling a better control of drugs concentration. Other benefits are the usage of lower concentration of drugs and reducing the time needed for treatment to a minimum (few minutes per treatment).

Treatment of lice infested children and adults.

Cheap - Manufacturing cost minimal (less than 1USD/device).
Effective - When combined with a proprietary drug.
Fast - A few minutes long treatment.
Convenient to use - Functional in seconds, few minutes long treatment is all that's needed.
Safe - Much less toxic compared to common treatments.
Friendly - No oily stickiness leftovers.
No embarrassment - No odor identifying the treated child evident.
Less Labor - No baths/showering needed to wash off drug.
Safe with small children - No spills into eyes/mouth and no hands contact with drug.
Recycling - No special measures required.

IP Status: Available both Exclusively and Non Exclusively.

Reference Number: 435

Internal Reference Number: A-005

Patents & Applications:
Application(s) Pending

Other types of collaboration: Open for discussion

Posted: 12-04-2006

Dr. Yinon Shlomi

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