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Adar Biotech Therapeutic GI-tract device ST-GIC
The ST-GIC device is a GI-tract device that is currently under development. It is field-oriented, two component system. Device may be used in order to reduce the number of harmful bacteria and viruses in the gut. Typical uses may cover both military situations and first aid for travelers subjected to infections of the gut. System includes an electronic device and a mixture of compounds (in a form of a pill) taken orally. The technology is Employing energy-enhanced adsorbtion/absorbtion for trapping and inactivating germs and toxins and clearing it outside of the body.

Developed for use as first aid for minimizing loss of life after Bioterrorism event. To act as first aid against various Gastro-Intestinal tract infections occurring under military situations and provide first aid for travelers subjected to infections of the gut in remote location.

Field-oriented, Cheap, replaces antibiotics for the first phase after infection.

IP Status: Available both Exclusively and Non Exclusively.

Reference Number: 437

Internal Reference Number: A-006

Patents & Applications:
Application(s) Pending

Other types of collaboration: Open for discussion

Posted: 12-04-2006

Dr. Yinon Shlomi

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