Licensing of Technologies


Adar Biotech's R&D activities and expertise in manufacturing of products have resulted in several inventions that are offered for licensing. Licensing activities involve inventions, patents and various chemical formulations. Technology Transfer is an integral part of our licensing agreements. Technology transfer has become a key concept in global development of the biotech industry, saving time and money for companies, in their ever continuing efforts to offer better services and reach the markets with improved products. Different types of inventions may suggest different licensing strategies (exclusive or non-exclusive license). The general licensing agreement at Adar Biotech is modified as necessary for each client and licensing situation. For example, a small start up company may prefer an agreement with higher earned-royalty rates that allows minimal payments until a product reaches the market.

Fields of activity


Adar Biotech specializes in generation of monoclonal antibodies to weak and difficult antigens. We developed novel products and protocols that are used throughout the entire procedure. The numbers and properties of the resulting hybridoma clones are superior to those obtained by the traditional method. An adjuvant, selection media and screening technology are part of our immunology licensing package.

Immunization: We immunize using novel adjuvant formulation - AdaTR and the optimized complementary protocol for maximizing response to weak and difficult antigens.
Selection: We select for hybridomas formation using our novel selection medium - the AdaGT that replaces common HAT selection medium. AdaGT does not contain aminopterin present in HAT medium. This results in minimizing toxicity to the sensitive emerging hybridomas colonies and improved hybridomas yields.
Screening: We screen earlier and faster for hybridomas with AdaBX screening technology. AdaBX technology enables earlier isolation and stabilization of promising hybridomas by cell cloning. Earlier cell cloning minimizes loss of positive hybridomas due to inherent genetic instability of these hybrid cells.

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Adar Biotech has developed and applies in some of its products its proprietary TargetLock chemistry. The use of TargetLock chemistry improves the chemical stability and durability of functional agarose beads upon repeated uses.

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Medical Devices

Lice Treating Device(LTC) for Treating Head Lice: Main characteristics are:
Cheap - Manufacturing cost minimal (less than 1USD/device).
Effective - When combined with a proprietary drug.
Fast - A few minutes long treatment.
Convenient to use - Functional in seconds, few minutes only treatment.
Safe - Much less toxic compared to common treatments.
User-friendly - No oily stickiness leftovers.
No embarrassment - No odor identifying the treated child evident.
Less Labor - No baths/showering needed to wash off drug.
Safe with small children - No spills into eyes/mouth and no hands contact with drug.
Recycling - No special measures required.

Therapeutic GI-tract device ST-GIC
Description - Field-oriented two component system,
Main uses - For combating Bioterrorism and other Gastro-Intestinal tract infections.
System includes an electronic device and a mixture of compounds (in a form of a pill) taken orally.
Employing energy - enhanced adsorbtion/absorbtion technology for trapping and inactivating germs and toxins and clearing it outside of the body.

Therapeutic GI-tract device ST-GIC-DD
Description - Small swallowable electronic device taken orally. Device is used for enhancing drug delivery across the gut wall.
Main uses - For speeding up the delivery of certain drugs across the Gastro-Intestinal tract.
System functions by harnessing energy - enhanced adsorbtion/absorbtion technology for improving drug delivery in the gut.

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